Top 5 Unique Hotels in Nepal

Top 5 Unique Hotels in Nepal

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These 5 unique hotels in Nepal are the perfect complement to the wonderful vistas, scenery, breath-taking natural amenities, and ancient heritages. Whether a traveller seeks to see the sight of amazing backdrop right from the window or seeks a much-needed rest, these unique hotels possess it all. The hospitality, relaxation, organic food, dazzling décor, added services and warm fuzzy feelings are all part of the wonderful stay attached to the destinations on the current list. A lifetime of experiences await those travellers who choose to shelter themselves in the rooms and corridor of these best places to stay in Nepal.

1. Dwarikas Hotel

Dwarika’s Hotel lands on top of the best places to stay in Nepal for a completely unique experience unavailable in other hotels of the country. Almost, half-century-long heritage preservation spree has helped turn it into a mini Kathmandu. The brick-paved traditional courtyard, century-old wood-carved windows, and intricate terracotta elements installed on the walls of mammoth buildings provide a true Newari outlook to the place. The boutique hotel takes travellers back in time through its subtle mix of local culture, arts with dazzling décor, wonderful spa, aesthetic pool, one of a kind reading lounge and the finest hospitality.

2. Taj MeghauliSerai

Located along banks of the crystalline and pure Rapti river in Chitwan is the grand Taj MeghauliSerai hotel. Depsite, being the latest addition in the list of top hotels of Nepal, the MeghauliSerai is perfect destination to cure the altitude sickness after the hike to wonderful Himalayas of Northern Nepal. Bask some sun on the magnificent pool that sits in a backdrop of lush green forests or choose to canoe down the river. Resting in palms of the Chitwan National Park, the hotel provides a chance to join in on a jungle safari for sight of wild Elephants, Rhinos, tigers and countless animals.

3. Gokarna Forest Resort

Tucked North East in edges of the Kathmandu Valley’s hills lies Gokarna Forest Resort. Current unique hotel of Nepal was previously a hunting sanctuary of Nepal’s former royals. Vistas of marvellous rolling green forests, playful Deer’s and wandering Monkeys right after sliding those window curtains of suites here can leave any visitors dazzled. The pristine golf course, horse ride, cycling opportunities, trip to the forests and countless other experiences on offer here can help beat the stress built from visiting crowded urban settlement of the Kathmandu valley. Lay back and indulge in an experience like none other in the corridor of the fantastic hotel.

4. Yak and Yeti

Nested close to the former Royal Palace of Narayan Hiti in urban high street of Durbar Marga is lesser known Rana Palace. The remnants of the Rana period and influence of the European architecture breathing from the walls of glorious Lal Durbar turn Yak and Yeti into a key player on list of top hotels in Nepal. The famous history of its Chimney Restaurant with Russian ties adds exquisite uniqueness to royalty radiating from classic wood carving, lavish portraits, beautiful gardens, courtyards, ornate corridors and marvellous verandas. Relinquish yourself to lavish vibes of the hotel standing through test of time.

5.T he Old Inn

Last on the list of top 5 unique hotels in Nepal resides The Old Inn. A mansion turned hotel right in the heart of historic trading town of Bandipur, it packs amazing surprises one should not miss. The hotel lays right beside the backdrop glimmering White Mountains visible from its windows and eatery offering a soothing spectacle. It is a perfect retreat for nature lovers as it hosts amazing terraced farms and lush orange plantation open for visitors. Apart from amazing natural vista, the fabulous Newari Buddhist history, classic street corners, and alleys will refresh any traveller staying in for a night.


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