5 places to enjoy Sunrise/Sunset in Nepal

5 places to enjoy Sunrise/Sunset in Nepal

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There can be nothing more pleasing to the senses than the two golden hours of the day that is the sunrise and the sunset. Nature is at its finest at this divine time. The gleaming beam of the sun gives a bright tint to the clouds and field, mountaintop and valleys. The sunrise and sunset symbolize the journey of the sky in the sun. The hill-top and the valleys seem to be bathed in yellow light so people can enjoy the reddening beauty of the sun. In Nepal, you can enjoy these pleasant parts of the day as Nepal is a full package of natural beauty. The mountains in Nepal make the sunrise and sunset one of the major attractions.

Place to enjoy sunrise and sunset point in Nepal are discussed below

1. Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a small town in central Nepal, at the edge of the Kathmandu Valley. It is famous for its scenery of the mountains, including Mount Everest to the northeast, which is especially noticeable at sunrise and sunset in Nepal. The surrounding wilds of Nagarkot are laced with trails and paths to many butterflies. To the west is the ancient, pagoda-style Changunarayan Temple, dedicated to Vishnu and a Hindu pilgrimage site. Whether you are outdoor enthusiasts, or adventure junkie or wellness seeker, or green travelers, the mountain trails of Nagarkot offers one of the most breathtaking views of sunrise from the mountains. It is very rewarding to see the sun ray against the soft endless mountain hues while the town is hidden below the clouds. The mighty magnificent Himalayas makes the sunrise and sunset view of Nagarkot so surreal that it feels like paradise. Nagarkot is one of the best sunrise points in Kathmandu. It is a healing landscape that is like a natural therapy for our stressed mind and body. Give yourself a retreat to refocus your values, reconnect with yourself and recharge yourself so that you can be back with more clarity, balance, and focus. The best time for sunrise view in Nagarkot is 4-5 am.


2. Sarangkot, Pokhara

Nepal and the Himalayas are synonymous with each other. The mighty Himalayas snow peaks coupled with the sunrise is one of the best things to experience in Nepal.1600 meters above the sea level lies Sarangkot which offers the most iconic sunrise and sunset point not only in Nepal but in the whole of South Asia. This divine experience cannot be described in words and you can also experience surreal views of mountains from Sarangkot. To view, this magnificent sunrise one must wake up at 4 in the morning. Through the haziness, one can see the peaks of Annapurna Mountain range all around the sunrise point. This travel is worth the early wake up battling with the crowds in the cold. If one wants to escape the crowd of Sarangkot sunrise point, one can visit this place at the sunset. This place offers the best sunset as you can see the sky turning colorful. This place is famous for Sunrise, Sunset, and the Mountain View as well.


3. Antu Dada, Ilam

14 km away from Kanyam, lies the hill place is best known for its sunrise view. The population of this small town in 1991 was 4,452. Besides the sunrise and sunset, this place is also famous for its tea gardens, Antu Pokhari, Sungava farming, and the Lepcha culture. Antu Dada is the first place where the sun hits Nepal. To reach the viewpoint, you must wake up early at around 5 in the morning and walk about 20 minutes from the Shree Antu and again hike for 15-20 minutes. The appropriate season to view the sunrise and sunset at Shree Antu is from October to November. A fascinating view of Mt. Kanchajunga, Indian border areas, and wrap of Ilam and Jhapa can also be spotted from the viewpoint of Antu Dada.


4. Poonhill, Annapurna

The Poon Hill Sunrise Trek is a perfect hiking trip that lies in the heartland of the admirable Annapurna region of Nepal. An ideal small escape from the hustling world, this hike is a pathway to the popular vintage end of the Annapurna region- Poon Hill. The scene of the sunrise from Poon Hill is completely enchanting and the entire experience is quite stunning. The rising sun’s golden rays occur across the silver Himalayas and alter their colors from ivory to golden red. It is something that truly bewitches the mind and the soul of a person. The aesthetically satisfying scenery and grassland of the region make the hike a heavenly experience. With many attractive views of the valleys and Himalayan front, the Poon Hill Sunrise Trek is surrounded by admirable natural and conventional qualities.


5. Kala Patthar

Kala Patthar, 5600 meters, is one of the most famous landmarks along the Everest Base Camp trek. Hiking in Kala Patthar is a rite of passage for Everest Base Camp trekkers because it offers the best close-up view of Everest on the trail. Kala Patthar meaning ‘Black Rock’ in Nepali is a notable milestone located on the south bank of Pumori above Gorakshep. It feels like a dream come true when you see the parts of the cloud and the sun begins to descend behind Mount Everest.  


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