Top 5 newari eateries of kathmandu

Top 5 newari eateries of kathmandu

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A visit to famous newari restaurant in Kathmandu , might have you imagine, a lot wonderful things. A traveler in love with food, may dream about - clad set of cloth ornamenting the table; finely dressed and well spoken waiter; nifty clean set of cutlery racked - right on edges of your sitting; and more. The scenario in your ruminative head, will likely be shattered probably with a gargantuan pan to your head. Prepare to be bamboozled in awe and dazed in confusion to an eastern revelation, unlike any other on your trip to top 5 newari eateries of Kathmandu . The thrilling experience of sitting on the cushions and mats on floor, scanning along dim lighted corner deep insides uncanny alleys, cramped spaces, catching an eye of western or local faces, are much likelier scenarios in these famous bhattis (traditional Nepali combination of eatery and bar) cum restros.

Top 5 newari eateries of kathmandu

The newari art around the stone and brick paved traditional routes of Kathmandu are a beginning of a new experience for new and old traveller alike. Equally breaming with brilliance along the streets of these marvelous places are delectable foods packed with juices and spices of heavenly order. Rejoice these traditional delicacies and grab a spoon of universal magic melting within the buds of your tongue. Choose to forego momos, long touted for its taste and popularity to try these must try food of Nepal around these must visit restaurant in Kathmandu.

  • Honacha

Nestled quietly behind the Krishna mandir on north eastern corner of galli(alleyway) exiting to Chhinnamasta temple is Honacha. Locally pronounced whanacha: in Nepal Bhasa, the place has long been famous for the authentic Newa: (Newari) cuisines, it dishes out of it’s unconventional kitchen. A first look into the hastily run kitchen, heating lentil pancake called wo: (bara in nepali language) and another part of kitchen preparing numerous types of buffalo meat delicacies is guaranteed to scare a traveller. The buttery texture of wo: coupled with a thick saucy potato meal will take doubts in an instance. Try savouring the flavour of amazing sukuti (dried meat) hung over the kitchen counter top sautéed with tangy tomatoes and sweet onion served with aayela (local rice alcohol) or thwon (thick and sweet rice beer; called chyaang in nepali). Feast your craving soul and empty stomach with a mix of variety of authentic newari eatings like egg bara, choila, buff chilli and more in honacha - a famous newari restaurant in Kathmandu awaiting hungry hearts from time immemorial. Hitch, a tempo ride from Kathmandu Mall at Sundhara to get to patan durbar sqaure’s Krishna Mandir for enjoying a great feast here.

  • Harisiddhi Newa Suhlee.

Far from the escape of urban life of Kathmandu, under shades of Godavari and surrounding hills lies a must visit restaurant of Kathmandu. Touted for the finest food newari culture can offer, Harisiddhi Newa Suhlee, a 30 minutes ride from Lagankhel bus park or 15 to 20 minutes ride from Patan Durbar Square. A traveler on a binge eating spree can directly hit Harisiddhi Newa Suhlee for a powerful combo retreat or a buffet, capable of filling a group of friends and family. While all the Marvelous newa cuisines available at Honcha are available at Newa Suhlee too but key take way here is the famous duck choila. A spicy, hot and sour mix of chilies, tomatoes, salt and mix of select traditional spice add the extra value to marinated duck meat served here. The flavorful duck choila releases a blend of oil, fenugreek seed, and coriander guaranteed to leave the foodie in you hooked.

  • Aama ko Bara pasal

The newar kings competed in building architectural marvels, temples, art, temples and more in Malla period. The tables have now turned and these ancient states now compete around eateries. Bhaktapur, a world heritage city housing an refreshingly classic houses, gallis, pagoda, shikhara style temples, is also famous for aama ko bara pasal neatly laying right beside the famous Nyatapola (five storyed) temple. Hit the alley right beside Aama ko Bara pasal for lentil pancake made of mu: (mungi lentil; yellow lentil) or mya: (maas lentil; black lentil). The foodie in you won’t be able to skip this must try food of Nepal  as pancakes come packed with motherly love of Mrs Bajracharya, who’s been the cashier, chef, blender and more to this amazing space for years. Since, this famous newari restaurant in Kathmandu, only serves wo: or baras, you may be tempted not to visit the place but varied types of bara here pack gooey goodness. Ask the chef a bara laced with a punch of egg and sprinkled buffalo mince for further awesomeness.

  • Newa Lahana:

The top 5 newari eateries of Kathmandu will literally take you the top on the hills of Kirtipur for a royal feast of newari cuisine. An army of cuisine and army of ladies are ready to present you an array of palatable dishes flying out of its kitchen. The sadheko bhatmas, deep fried in dark mustard oil aerates the spaces of this must visit restaurant in Kathmandu. Gobble down a wholesome sapu mhicha packed with rich juices of bone marrow oozing buttery goodness from every inch. Call in the adventurer in you and try some buffalo tisya: (nerve running spinal cord) or buffalo brains for tasting an extreme food like, Andrew Zimmerman on that food show, you saw on Television. The light hearted Chatamari served with topping of potato, minced meat, egg and other veggies are on the menu for those scared from extreme. Take a cab, micro bus ride or tootle (nepali uber on motor bike) to Baagh Bhairab temple gate a top Kirtipur to get to Newa Lahana.

  • Sasa:

Exquisite newari decor welcoming people to a throwback to glorious days of newari days, Sasa : is ranked highly amongst the cuisine connoisseurs of Nepal. Laid back like a birds nest on the hill side, fifteen minutes straight from main gate in Kritipur is Sasa. Located a few kilometeres away from next door rival Newa Lahana:, the food here packs a punch too. Get flabbergasted by rich haku choila and a puff of bamboo hookah (highly recommended for those who smoke) for an awesome time here on top of the deck of this famous newari restaurant in Kathmandu. The sasa: in Nepal Bhasa Language means, a persons wife’s home or in-laws-home and son-in-law are generally treated with high respect. The chefs here at Sasa:, carry the aim of treating you like their own son-in-law with the special Jilajan or Jalajan kaula (son-in-law platter) packed of awesome treats like chhoila, tishya, nhepu (brains - usually buffalo) and sagan (boiled egg fried along with tumeric and served with dried fish) as a wholesome meal.



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