Best Tea Houses in Kathmandu | Top Tea Places in Nepal

Best Tea Houses in Kathmandu | Top Tea Places in Nepal

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Best Tea houses in Kathmandu is an attempt to introduce unwary travelers of Nepal’s thriving Tea Culture. While Nepal has long been famous with mountain dwellers as a tea-loving nation, all thanks to the Tea house Trek along numerous towering mountains but Tea Cultures elsewhere are equally incredible. The lively bustling streets of Kathmandu are home to countless tea shops but some of them have been famous from baby boomers to current Generation Z. Equally amazing are the shops which started a decade or two ago and are rising in popularity with locals and wandering travellers seeking a hot beverage.

Why Nepali Tea is famous?

Before, we introduce you to top tea houses that will serve a delicate warm cup of Himalayan goodness, you need to realise the reason for its fame. Nepal’s tea history may be fairly young but the Crush Tear Curl (CTC) Tea, Orthodox Tea, and the Himalayan variant of Tea have an unbeatable flavour. The fresh organic tea brewed across the country in bamboo, kettles, and unconventional utensils are void of inorganic pesticides. The use of organic methods and century old production techniques still helps it retain and fresh flavour which has been lost in other popular plantation areas like Darjeeling.While the picketed high end tea sold in the west are top notch and definitely crème of the crop but CTC tea prepared right on the street or top tea shop in Nepal hold strong flavour and amazing sweetness unavailable elsewhere in the world,

Snowman Cafe

The dark shabby rooms of Snowman in Freak Street, Kathmandu have stood the test of time. Originally, a café started to serve the Hippies, it was a place to enjoy cuisines from all over the world. The café has now turned into a remnant of its former glory and stands among other tea shops in the country as a landmark location. The snowman is definitely a place to get yourself a great cup of Tea with its famous cakes. The menu includes coffee, lass, cold drinks and juice yet the top tea place in Nepal is famous for its frothy machine made tea.

Mama’s Tea shop

A relatively newer location a few minutes North East from Snowman is a small yet extravagantly popular Mama’s (maternal uncle in Nepali) tea Shop. Overlooking the Tea shop is Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Sqaure’s mammoth Nine Storeyed palace and the GaddiBaithak. Humble retired English teacher Mama and his team serve tea to college students, local handicraft sellers, travelling foreigners and everyone else. Enjoy the warm sun with some tea and doughnuts in the morning or feel the chilly winds of night in backdrop of orange night lights of durbar only at this famous Tea shop in Nepal.

ZY Cafe

Newest of the tea store on the list is ZY store. The shop may not have a long 50 years history like Snowman or a two decades worth foot fall like the Mama’s but it’s definitely leaving a mark in Kathmandu’s map. The ZY Cafe is a hip tea store with young and old generations alike. It ranks amongst the Best Tea Houses in Kathmandu thanks to its unique serving style. The tea is served in clay glasses called Matka, the earthen tea pot adds a unique flavour to milk tea, black tea and other drinks served here. Enjoy an eco-friendly cup of tea in the corridors of ancient Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Shree: Gha: Tea stores

The ancient chowk of Kashi Swayambhu is a traditional Newari Chowk with awesome Buddhist heritage and great hot beverages. Shree: Gha: is a few walks south east from the tourist town of Thamel on the way to the Kathmandu Durbar Square. Any happy local or the traveller staying in Thamel will guide you the way to the tea store here. If you don't find it on the map ask people where Sigal is located because it’s only locals that still call it Shree: Gha:. The tea here is flavoursome and soothing but the key hot beverages running numbers here in the stores of these top tea places in Nepal is the mighty “Hot Lemon ''. The Hot Lemon and the Black Lemon Tea are famous with locals and foreigners alike.


With a history of over 5 decades and a recent modern revamp, Chiyawala is a tea shop in Nepal gaining huge popularity. Few kilometres from the gates of the Tribhuvan international Airport, the shop is a popular joint among politicians, intellects, celebrities and the humble average Nepali. However, it’s also a place to meet foreigners seeking uncanny yet awesome new tea flavours. Ghanshyam Tea and the magic bread in the shop are a must enjoy products of the shop. Delightful KesharChiya and the customizable Mero KhusChiya are other best selling teas enjoyed by customers. It is the only popular tea shop that’s closest to the international air terminal of Nepal. Thus, the cups of tea here are magic medicine for curing jet lag upon your arrival and a place for your one last Tea before bidding Nepal, good bye.

Nepa Tea house

Among all the Best Teas houses in Kathmandu, Nepa Tea House may be the only one with a huge variety of tea and number of locations to serve its connoisseurs. The warm and hot served tea here can hook any type of tea drinker. Whether a person is looking for a healthy orthodox tea option to a strong coloured Asian Style tea the people in Nepal and South Asian region enjoy. Choose to sip the healthy yet amazing Oolong tea, white tea, and green tea or go for the local favourite, the Kadak masala tea loved by hundreds of customers that walk through its doors every day. Apart from the healthy organic option and popular tea selection, the four locations of Nepa Tea house serve over hundred different tea types. Make some time and head to chit chat for some snacks at their location in Shankhamul, Suncity apartment Pepsi Cola, Shankhamul and Newroad.


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